White Valley

Purveying Premium Quality Meats.

White Veal Meat Packers Ltd. was established as a family owned and operated company. Our business was formed in 1991 and our management draws on more than a half century of experience in the industry.

Our roots date back to the early 1960’s, operating a family owned wholesale butcher shop in the Toronto Stockyard district. From our days serving a local community we have built our business on a philosophy for providing the highest level service and quality meats to our valued customers. Today, operating under federally inspected and HACCP accredited facilities our harvesting and processing plants adhere to standards that assure the highest quality and safety in the products we market.

Our reputation relies on customer satisfaction, we proudly ship across Canada, USA, Carribean, Middle East and Asia. We care about the product we produce, from farming through processing our animal welfare policies, traceability and quality control systems ensure our customers receive a product of the highest quality, consistency and safety.

State of the art processing and packaging solutions.

At White Valley, we adapt to your business’s growing needs, while maintaining the highest level of service and quality.  With state of the art processing and packaging capabilities we offer innovative solutions that are tailored around the continued growth and success of our customers.  Allow us to customize programs that meet your specific requirements.

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Industry Partners

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Industry PartnersWe work with industry partners and organizations who share our commitment to quality and integrity.   A model for quality, purity and responsible farming includes continuous improvement in animal husbandry and production practices, through research and development for sustainable environments and the health and well being of animals.

Our producer partners share a passion for what they do and are committed to providing a clean and healthy environment that promotes high quality veal, beef and lamb products in an ethical and humane manner. We believe taking the extra care, a clean environment and a nutritious diet will ultimately make for a better quality product.

Allow us to help bring satisfaction to your customer’s with our line of premium quality grain fed veal, beef and lamb.  

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HalalOur history as a certified halal processor dates back to our inception as a company.  We are proud of the commitment that was made many years ago with serving customers in this community.  Our commitment has allowed us to establish a reputation for a product of quality and integrity.

We continue to maintain Halal certifications under the strict supervision of the Halal authorities so our valued customers can continue to enjoy our product.

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Food Safety

Recognized world wide, Canada is a country that produces superior quality food.

White Veal Meat Packers Ltd. operates federally registered harvesting and processing facilities approved for the export of product internationally.

Our HACCP accredited system ensures our product complies with all CFIA requirements of the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP), which includes requirements of the Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures (MOP), Standard Operating Practices (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

SQF certified, recognized under GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

Our commitment to animal welfare policies, intervention systems, rigorous employee training programs and management systems ensures the production of safe and wholesome foods for our customers.

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