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  • Sirloins are ideal when sliced thin for creating your favorite schnitzels or artisanal sandwiches.
  • Cutlets are easy when grilled along side vegetables for a quick and healthy choice.
  • Top Sirloins can be sliced thin for a superb scallopine marsala or picata or cubed for a tender, juicy and flavorful kebab.
  • A lean and nutrient packed protein.
  • Low in saturated fat, high in iron, zinc and vitamin B12.
  • Family farm raised without the use of growth promoting hormones or steroids.

For a delicious Veal Piccata prepare a shallow bowl with a mixture of flour, salt and pepper, in a second bowl beat eggs with one table spoon of water, salt and pepper.

Set a large sauté pan over medium heat and add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Lightly coat scallopine in the flour, salt and pepper mixture.  Dip scallopine in egg wash and place directly into the hot pan.  Cook for about 2 minutes per side until golden brown. 

Set scallopine aside and deglaze pan with white wine, reduce by half and add lemon juice, capers and chopped flat leaf parsley, then add 2 tablespoons of butter while whisking to thicken sauce.  Pour sauce over scallopine, season with grated parmesan if desired and garnish with parsley.